Taking a Food System approach to transform the food

The Vision

Build a better food future both for the people and the planet.

The Mission

Transform Food Systems for a food secure, healthy and sustainable world through diversity of thought, perspectives, solutions and developing new ways of thinking and working.


The world's population is expected to increase by 2 billion in the next 30 years. Which means, we would have 9.7 billion people to feed by 2050. And when you look at the food systems data and projections, the future challenges look staggering. So what can we do?

The Food Future Foundation was registered as a public trust on occasion of the World Food Day, the 16th October, 2019, to find some answers to questions like these. Inspired and encouraged by the success of the Eat Right India movement, we are working together to educate, inspire, advocate, and create a change in the way people around the world eat so that they lead a better life and live on a better planet.

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Our Inspiration

Mahatma Gandhi

Long before regulatory bodies were set up to monitor food quality and nutritionists advised people on what to eat, Mahatma Gandhi wrote and preached extensively on the subject. He strongly advocated regenerative farming, right diet for good health, shift towards plant-based diet and people’s movement for change.

We take our inspiration from his views on food and nutrition and his habits of food. Mahatma Gandhi believed that the right diet played a significant role in maintaining good health. He was a firm believer that dietary changes instead of medicines provide relief from health issues from time to time. For him food and eating needed both – mindfulness and moderation – a message still relevant today.

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Our Approach

System Leadership Approach

Food Future Foundation aims to move towards a shared vision for a better food future by engaging in positive action and strategic innovation. We wish to

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Imagining the world in 2050

A world free from series of pandemics, drastic climatic shifts, the water crisis, an exponential rise in lifestyle diseases and incidences of rapid onset cancer due to heavy use of chemicals in agriculture and packaging and other environmental disasters.

A future where we beat hunger and malnutrition forever.

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Stories & Showcases

Success Story | Kalpavriksha Programme

An initiatives by Marico Industries to enhance farm productivity of Coconut Farmers.

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Success Story | Cocoa Life Program

Mondelez India’s initiative supporting Cocoa agriculture research at Universities in South India.

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Report | COVID-19

Global hunger could double due to COVID-19 blow, says UN

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