Food Security

Imagine an India where there is no income and health inequities! That's what we wish to achieve by 2050.

Food Security

For addressing under-nutrition and food security, reducing food loss and food waste along the food value chain and effcient food production is key. There is food loss at the primary food production stage, during storage and transportation due to improper facilities and practices, during manufacturing and retail due to wrong practices and methods of handling food.

We at Food Future Foundation, aim to push for India where there would be no income and health inequities by 2050. This would be achieved by increased production of local crops thus promoting local industries, economical and innovative methods of food production, local and seasonal consumption reducing the cost and increasing availability of food.

There are people in the world so hungry, that god can not appear to them except in the form of bread. Mahatma Gandhi

To address micronutrient deficiencies, we wish to provide healthy food to the population such that they would naturally be able to consume balanced diets, thus preventing any nutrient deficiences. Food would be organically grown, largely unprocessed thus preserving nutrients. It would include a variety of local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, millets and a variety of indegeous grains that are easy, cheap to grow and provide the required nutrients for population within that region. Thus, micronutrients would be available to all in their natural forms as a result of improved food production and dietary patterns.

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