Success Story | Kalpavriksha Programme

05 June 2020

India is amongst the top 3 Coconut producing countries. The majority of the coconut grows in 4 southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. It is estimated that the livelihood of approx. 21 Lac Indian farmers depend on Coconut crop.

Key challenges faced by Coconut Farmers –

Kalpavriksha Program was launched with a focus on enhancing Farm productivity of Coconut Farmers. The program was Piloted in FY16 basis following need assessment of coconut farmers -

  • Lower awareness about Pest and Disease Management.
  • Inadequate knowledge of Nutrient need and Water Management.
  • Overall Best Farm Practices were Inadequately followed in the Farm.

Addressing these challenges –

Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation followed below Program methodology.

  • Conduct Training & Awareness programmes propagating scientific farm practices on Nutrient, Disease & water management.
  • Kalpavriksha Agronomist enrolling farmers into the programme, educating them, providing on-field support & monitoring implementation of right farm practices.
  • Providing on call troubleshooting solution through Kalpavriksha care call centre.
  • Experiment and promote water conservation practices in farms.

Key Domains for Supported by the Foundation –

    • Productivity Enhancement Program - With 60+ On-field Agronomist, Kalpavriksha Program has enrolled around 1.2 Lac Acres of farms across 18,441 Farmers. Farms that have completed more than a year with Kalpavriksha have delivered 13% increase in yields.
    • Water conservation Initiatives Farm Ponds – 16.5 Cr Lit of water storage potential created with 180+ Farm Ponds.Apart from this, various other experiments and prototype conducted in order to develop knowledge and expertise around choosing right solution basis farm characteristics. (Other water conservation activities consist of making Trenches & Bunds across 800 acres of farm land, 2 Pilot Bhungroo & 5 Proto for Borewell recharging by Urdhavam.)
    • Tanjavur Crop Revival
      • Post Cyclone, Immediate relief activities like Providing Coconut & Banana seedling, Revival of standing trees were activated.
      • Given low seedling supplies, Training was provided to Farmers for producing their own seedlings.
      • Also, 1 lac seedling were developed in collaboration with experts & getting Freely distributed amongst Farmers.
      • Team is providing continuous Support to Farmers for Seedling plantation, Young tree management, Intercropping & Standing tree rejuvenation.
    • Kalpavriksha Knowledge Centre 165 Farmers have been trained in Kalpavriksha Knowledge centre in FY20. Model based training centre is aimed at providing complete Farm care training to Farmers.