Food System Leaders Network

In order to foster an integrated approach to the design and operationalization of solutions for food system transformation, graduates of the Food System Transformation Leaders Programme would develop a Food Systems Leaders Network (FSLN). This is envisaged as a multi-stakeholder platform for ‘Multi Stakeholder Collaboration for Systemic Change’ (MSCFSC). This Network will grow and expand over time. The Network’s overall goal is to build a committed group of leaders to help deliver on the 2030 Agenda leading up to and beyond the Summit.

The Network would to move the discussion from ‘what needs to change’ to mechanisms that need to be put in place to facilitate these changes. They would contribute to substantive discussions, generate ideas and act to strengthen food systems, and share information to ensure anyone with an interest in food systems at all levels can engage with the Summit.

The Network will help forming connections and building lasting relationships. As a bridge between sector professionals, corporates, and domain experts, FSTLN is committed to strengthening the spirit of connection and collaboration in India’s food system. This network would align its activities with the UN Food System Summit 2021 and engage with all stakeholders with central focus on the identification and operationalization of ‘game-changing solutions’.

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