India Food System Report 2030

Healthy Food and Healthy Planet for All

Aligned with the Un Food Systems Summit, the Foundation would publish ‘India Food System Vision 2030’ report. This would be done collabortaively through the Coalition of Partners for Food System Transformation in India. The report would create a shared vision for food system transformation in India. It would consider multiple perspectives from many stakeholders and linkages amongst various areas.

Recognizing that India commemorates 75 years of its independence, the report would cover 75 areas of action. The vision must be positive, inspiring, and motivational to excite the concerned stakeholders to act. Given that there are interdependencies in many areas, an overall coherent vision would be developed by synthesising these visions of these areas with possible synergies and trade off.

This report would clearly bring out developments in the area since independence in brief, state the current status with concrete achievements in numbers where possible, and develop a bold vision for 2030 stated in numbers wherever possible for the area. The report would outline actions required, transformation pathways and innovations needed to realise the vision.

The pathways must be actionable, have impact at scale and sustainable. These would also identify possible areas of collective action. They must also feature major government programmes and initiatives at the national and the state level, and its impact and coverage in the context of the vision. Good work done by other stakeholders including the corporate sector and civil society organizations would also be showcased in the report.

75 Areas of Collective Action and Innovation

Areas of collective action and innovation (ACAIs) are being identified in a collaborative manner. A provisional list of ACAIs is attached. These areas cover the entire food system and come under six broad heads, ‘Six Ps’– Production, Processing, Plate, Planet, People and Policy. These are -

roduction- P Nature positive food production; Sustainable livestock and fisheries

Processing - Food Processing; Logistics and Supply Chain

Plate- Food safety and hygiene; Nutrition and Immunity

Planet- Climate change; Food loss and Waste

People- Promote Livelihoods; Social Protection

Policy - Regulation and governance; Funding and Investment

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