Transforming Food System in India
Towards a food secure, safe, healthy and sustainable nation
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Focus Area

Key Areas of Our Work

India Food System Vision 2030

Shape and Influence Policy and Institutions

Our India Food System Vision 2030 aims to revolutionize food production, consumption, and waste management. By 2030, we envision a sustainable, resilient food system that nourishes both people and the planet. This ambitious vision seeks to address key issues such as food security, nutritional well-being, and environmental impact through innovative policies and collaborative efforts. Emphasizing equality and inclusivity, our approach will integrate technological advancements, support local agriculture, and enhance waste reduction. Through these transformative measures, we aspire to create a future where the Indian food system is a model of sustainability & resilience, ensuring health & prosperity for all.


Leading Coalition for Food Systems Change

Central to our mission is the Coalition for Food Systems Transformation in India (CoFTI), a diverse alliance committed to addressing food system challenges. CoFTI brings together stakeholders from across the spectrum to collaboratively develop and implement solutions that enhance food production, distribution, and consumption. Through shared innovation and actionable strategies, CoFTI aims to drive systemic change that ensures equitable, sustainable food systems. This initiative reflects our conviction that collective action is key to creating a food system that supports all, fostering resilience, and promoting well-being throughout India. Together, we are forging a path toward a more sustainable food future.

Life Skills and Food Literacy

Dietary Shift to Healthy and Sustainable Diets

Education is pivotal to achieving sustainable change. We prioritize teaching essential life skills and food literacy, particularly to young learners, equipping them to make informed choices that benefit their health and the environment. Our educational initiatives enhance knowledge of nutrition, food safety, and the ecological impact of food, fostering awareness and responsible consumption. By promoting sustainable and healthful eating habits, we aim to cultivate a generation that understands the importance of food systems and their role in maintaining ecological balance. This focus on education empowers individuals to contribute to a more sustainable future through thoughtful and informed dietary decisions.

Nurturing Food Systems Leaders

Driving Change through Youth and Women

At the Food Future Foundation, we understand that food system transformation depends on empowering today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, with a special focus on youth and women. Our training, mentorship, and development programs are designed to cultivate leaders who can drive impactful changes in global food systems. We leverage the unique energy, creativity, and insights of youth and women, ensuring their meaningful participation in leadership and decision-making processes. By amplifying their voices and turning their innovative solutions into tangible actions, we aim to create a more inclusive and resilient food system, fostering sustainable progress and equitable growth for all.

Food & Future Foundation: Transforming
India's Food System

Food Future Foundation, established in October 2019 aims to address pressing challenges of sustainability, nutrition, and food security in India. Its mission is to transform India’s food systems, ensuring everyone can have nutritious, sustainable, and ethically produced food. Through strategic partnerships, and collective action, the Foundation aims to foster a society that values healthy diets and sustainable food practices.

Join us as we work towards a future where access to healthy and sustainable food is a reality for all, driven by informed choices and systemic change.

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Reviews of Our Well-Wishers and Associates

Lawrence Haddad

Executive Director Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Food is the future! All the best for the success of this brilliant initiative and adventure.

Arlene Mitchell

Executive Director, Global Child Nutrition Foundation

Food Future Foundation is a new and exciting partner for the Global Child Nutrition Foundation. We expect that our work together will lead to better health and nutrition for all children all over the world.

Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya

Executive Director Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Food Future Foundation is doing pioneering and futuristic work, which I believe would indeed lead to the transformation of our food system in India.

Greg Garrett

Executive Director, Access to Nutrition Initiative (ATNI)

Aspirational Initiative! Food Future Foundation is set to lead the future of India’s food systems. Access to Nutrition Initiative looks forward to collaborating with FFF to create impact at scale.

Food Future Foundation, established in October 2019 aims to address pressing challenges of
sustainability, nutrition, and food security in India.